15x20x2 Filters - MERV 8

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15x20x2 Multi-Pleat Multi-Pleat XL8™ Filter

Available in Standard Capacity or High Capacity

Sold in cases of 12 filters

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$5.50 per Filter

Data sheet

Dimensions - Actual (inches): 14.5x19.5x1.75
Dimensions - Nominal (inches): 15x20x2 Filter
Case Quantity: 12 Filters
Rated Air Flow @ 300 FPM: 625 CFM
Media Area - Standard Capacity: 6.1 Sq. Feet
Media Area - High Capacity: 9.1 Sq. Feet
Rated Air Flow @ 500 FPM: 1050 CFM
Rated Air Flow @ 625 FPM: 1310 CFM
MERV Rating: 8
Initial Resistance @300 FPM (InWC): 0.14 (Standard Cap) 0.09 (High Cap)
Initial Resistance @500 FPM (InWC): 0.25 (Standard Cap) 0.018 (High Cap)
Initial Resistance @625 FPM (InWC): 0.34 (Standard Cap) 0.25 (High Cap)

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15x20x2 Furnace Filters - Multi-Pleat XL8™ Filters by Koch Filter

MERV 8 Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filters with Mechanical Media


  • Upgrade from standard pleated filters
  • MERV 8 and MERV-A 8 performance ratings
  • Mechanical MERV 8 media is not reliant on electrostatic charge for efficiency
  • Low resistance to airflow (Saves $$ by making your system run more efficiently!)
  • High Dust Holding Capacity
  • Sturdy double-wall frame design
  • Moisture resistant beverage board frame
  • Standard and High Capacity models available


Multi-Pleat XL8  Mechanical MERV 8 Extended Surface Pleated Panel Filters

The Koch Multi-Pleat XL8 is a medium efficiency extended surface pleated panel filter, engineered to provide higher initial efficiencies and overall superior performance than standard pleated filters.

The Multi-Pleat XL8 carries a MERV 8 and MERV-A 8  performance rating in accordance with ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2007.

The MERV 8 and MERV-A 8 performance rating provided by the Multi-Pleat XL8 make the filter an excellent upgrade from disposable filters and standard MERV 6 and 7 rated pleated filters. The Multi-Pleat XL8 is the best selection in applications such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, commercial office buildings, residential, and in any system in which a higher degree of indoor air quality is required.